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How has advertising changed over the 20 years?

Do you recall the days where we used to enjoy our morning with “Tokla Tea” advertising on our favorite TV channels?

Well, those were the days where people love to see TV, listen to the radio and read a newspaper to entertain themselves. The technology had yet to enhance, and there were not many options available to people to get engaged.

Analyzing where their potential consumers are, many big business houses at that time used the formula of creating 30 second TV ads along with press, poster & radio adverts. The traditional approach of advertising worked like a charm. It helped business houses to build historic brands and loyal consumers.

But at present, the scenario has changed. The traditional method of advertising no longer works like it used to before. There has been a shift in technology resulting in a change in consumer behavior.

A dramatic change in Consumer behavior

With the development of the tech industry & smartphones, now we have tons of things to get engaged with. We no longer wait hours for our favorite TV shows & films. Some are learning, some are earning whereas some are busy in connecting through social networks.

If you look at the present data, it shows 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. That’s almost a 45% population of the whole world. Out of which, people spent an average of 1.7 hours a day surfing social networks leaving adults using at least five different social networks. It’s a perfect example that clarifies the shift of consumer habits and how digital advertising evolved to meet the market demand.

The changes can be seen in Nepal as well. The recent data shows that there are 10.21 million internet users all over Nepal. Which is an increment of 3.2% from the year 2019. Meanwhile, there is 10 million social media user and 42.85 million people have access to mobile devices.

How did advertising get to shift into Digital Advertising?

Advertisement is all about businesses and the consumer. Without the consumer, businesses won’t survive hence there will be no term as “Advertising”.

Advertising is the bridge between quality products and potential consumers. Whether it’s a traditional approach or a new one, advertising deals with all the aspects of consumers & business. It simply follows the consumer and its behavior. In the past, all the people were engaged in TVs, Newspapers, and radio, but at present, there are plenty of options for people.

Consumers are online all the time. They have adapted this “Online” as part of their life. People have begun to utilize the internet and online presence to carry out their daily lives. Which overall has enhanced the growth of the Digital system in Nepal. We now have an online payment system, we have ride-sharing platforms, and we are getting comfortable shopping online & ordering food from our favorite restaurants.

Well, here are our potential consumers, they are all online. Where to find them? It’s easy, they are mostly engaged in:

Social Media Networks – Most People get online to meet new people, share their precious moments in the form of photos & videos, connect with professionals, and to get entertained by joining into groups, community & forums.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the popular social media platforms where people spent hours. And these are the giant sites where you can find your potential consumers.

Phone Apps – There are millions of phone apps in the Play store & App store of our phones. They all are made to comfort people with their needs & specific interest. Whether it’s a game or any kind of productivity-related apps, they are developed precisely and carefully for their potential consumers which results in the heavy use of such apps.

Apps like PubG, Tik-Tok, Viber, Snapchat, Tinder, etc have huge users both nationally and internationally.

Streaming Platforms – The concept of the streaming platform is quite hit at present. All the people are using various streaming platforms to listen to and watch their favorite artists, singers & movies.

Streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc have huge audiences both nationally and internationally.

Blogs & News Sites –  If you don’t fall under the above categories, then you must be a blog or news site followers. In other words, you love to read and you love to go through fresh and unique content every day.

News sites from BBC, CNN, New York Times, etc are famous internationally. If you go for Nepali sites, then you can see,,, etc.

Now, this is the shift in Advertising which has brought enormous opportunities to both businesses, consumers, and all the people who are into the advertising field. The market is competitive and you have to choose the best one. We won’t say, we are the best but we do have all resources and a hard-working team that will do all the things to be the best one.

Let’s explore the unlimited power of advertising over a cup of coffee. Let’s get into the market and find out what works and whatnot. Let’s grow together, for more information contact us.

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