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How can you grow your brand with Influencer Marketing?

The consumption pattern of customers has transformed into a new form in the last few years as people can read reviews about products and services on the internet and then decide to avail it. This behavior of customers has given an unprecedented rise to digital creators and influencers. Also, the contribution of the global pandemic for widening the scope of Influencer Marketing cannot be underestimated as it sky-rocketed the e-commerce scene.

As the pandemic continued, prints and traditional forms of marketing suffered. It gave even more space for digital marketing and social media to display content and reach as many potential consumers, maximum consumers on the web.

This gave digital influencers and social media creators a massive chance as brands got more open to creating content on social media. In the context of Nepal, influencer marketing was limited to actors and artists from the film industry, but as the pandemic continued, it also brought local creators on Instagram and Tiktok to the spotlight and created an opportunity for more micro-influencers to come in.

Enough with the intro, but let us take a deeper look at influencer marketing and see how it can change the fate of your business.

Helps in building trust

According to research, millennials don’t buy a product randomly but go through the reviews of the products on various blogs and only decide to buy them.

In the case of average customers, the trust in the product increases if they see a digital creator or an influencer using it or feature the product in any of their contents. This customer behavior was kept on the record by various brands, which increased influencer marketing.

Using influencers to introduce a product or service can create a long-lasting impact on customer minds and build a trust relationship with the brand.

Better brand awareness

On ordinary people spend around 145 minutes surfing social media. They go through hundreds of content from influencers, brands, and so on. Hence, partnering with an influencer allows you to reach new customers in the digital space engaging with the influencer most of the time.

The relationship of the influencer and their followers can create brand awareness and persona of your brand in the follower’s mind. After that, word of mouth can help in increasing your brand awareness.

Beneficiary through the partnership

With a joint and collaborative effort between you and the influencer, you can do wonders. The influencer is a freelance marketer, and they can assist you in creating marketing campaigns and creating the right content on social media.

As digital creators, they spend most of their time using the platform, and they have an idea about what works best in the venue. So, influencer marketing helps directly, but they also help make a better digital presence by assisting you to grow on social media and make the best out of the platform.

In this way, influencer marketing helps to make a better social media presence and provides you with a competitive advantage.influencer-marketing-in-nepal

But, how do I find the right influencers for my brand?

Finding the right influencer can directly impact the success of your business. Since influencer marketing has become so prominent in the last few years, so-called influencers with fake followers are also in the industry. So, you need to be aware and properly research the engagements they have on every post they upload on social media and other parameters.

If you have a problem finding the right influencer for your business, you can hire an influencer marketing agency to make that task easier for you.

Getting in touch with the influencer

So, you found the influencer that suits your niche. It’s time to reach out to them. You can reach out via their managers or through the business inquiries email, which will be available in their social media bios.

The next step is to share your missions and visions with the influencer and work together to grow. Some influencers will agree to promote any brand if you pay them enough, but some prefer to work with a dignified brand that fits their niche.

You can use various influencer marketing strategies to create the best result. You can target only one huge influencer or target numerous micro-influencers to generate greater brand awareness.

Giveaways and celebrations, meet-ups with the influencer, and lunching of a product are some of the brilliant marketing strategies in social media. But you can always think about the box and come up with the best influencer marketing strategy that defines your business and yields better results.

This is how influencer marketing can help in your business’s growth and create an opportunity for social media creators to grow. The pandemic has given rise to digital marketing and created a platform for both brands and influencers to grow together. Will you be hiring an influencer to endorse your brand and communicate with your potential customers??

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