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Effective Advertising During Corona

Advertising during Corona Virus

As the global pandemic has crumbled down the whole world and every one of us has been affected by it, the advertising industry comes on that list too. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, digital transformation has escalated to such heights that the consumer’s buying pattern has changed from physical shopping to e-commerce drastically.

In this situation, brands must think about how they can seize the moment and use the opportunity to build their digital communities and assets. With more audiences on digital platforms, it is also a great opportunity for brands to showcase their creativity and be experimental with their posts and ad campaigns.

Here are a few strategies for running Facebook and Instagram ads more effectively during the pandemic.

1.Being Consistent and creating engaging content

More people will be active on social media as they have more leisure time in this extraordinary time. With engaging content and creative posts, brands can know what the customer actually needs and learn their feedback accordingly. Questions and Answers and other various mind games are some of the ways you can engage with your audience.

2.Extend your high performing ads 

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive new and existing customers to your business. No, another marketing platform has the laser-focused audience and targeting capabilities. So you have to be very clear and concise when investing in Facebook ads.

There has never been a fruitful time than this to capture your consumer’s attention and educate around your brand while people are at home with extra time surfing social media and searching for products and services they are thinking of buying.

Extension of high-performing ads will help you reach a priority list of clients with a higher probability of buying and spending on your products. Instead of creating new campaigns from scratch, running your top-performing ads is beneficial because the content review team is reduced, and it allows you to keep a decreased CPC and a stable CPM.

If you are doing a small soft-launch, running a set of different creatives as a part of an ad set may be the most efficient choice. Facebook itself doesn’t the media spend allocation based on the best performing creatives-giving much more impressions to the creatives with the highest CPR.

3.Test New Ad Creative and Audiences

In times of uncertainty, businesses should be focusing on the audience more than anything else. Adapting to this new normal will be an important key to get connected with new clients and consumers.

Collaborations, giveaways are a great way of creating a new audience. Brands can use influencers to promote their products and services and promote their products as people have so much free time to watch content on social media platforms.

4.Build Brand awareness with your online audience

It can’t be denied that these are tough times. It’s really tough for brands to decide what to post and what not to post in such times of uncertainty. For instance, TikTok and Instagram have been a source of entertaining distraction.

There has been a huge uptick in the usage of Tiktok during the lockdown period. TikTok has been a valuable platform for promoting businesses as creators range from baristas to doctors making content and sharing the secrets of their profession.

It is so surprising to see that many people have genuine medical concerns and are asking about them to their online doctor. The same is for brands and businesses. It’s a great platform to showcase your product and redirect the audience to your social media platforms and websites.

5.Focus less on you and more on them

Understandably, you are a business, and you have to make money to survive. But in the middle of the pandemic, it is wiser to focus on key performance indicators like clicks, likes, shares, comments, etc., rather than ROIs (Return on Investment).

If a contest, a video, partnerships, referral campaigns don’t provide you the right ROI, you can’t move on as before. It’s time to double-check those assumptions. If the pieces of content might not have performed well or haven’t provided you with the proper ROIs, you can revisit them at the current time.

Revisiting your success metrics might lead you to some more and interesting opportunities. So focus less on yourself and more on the data and audience.

To sum up, social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to contribute to your new normal business growth. The ultimate goal of every brand is to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the customers. Hence putting out quality content and engaging with the audience regularly can bring a whole lotta value to your business and help you uplift from the backstab of the pandemic.

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