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Can Digital Marketing save your business?

With a limited marketing budget, it is a nightmare for small businesses to figure out whether a traditional form of marketing or digital marketing is suitable for your business. In little more than a decade, the impact of social media has gone from entertaining extra to Digital Marketing and a huge platform for brands to market their products and services to the actual audience.

Data concludes that a normal person spends up to 4 hours a day using their cellphone. This takes us to the conclusion that a beautiful persona can be a built-in thinking process of users with the right digital marketing campaigns and engaging content.

Here are a few reasons why digital marketing can save your business and why your products and services need to be marketed digitally.

1.Digital Marketing is comparatively cheaper and easy to keep track of.

Traditional Marketing generally comprises of the physical form of communication like brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and so on. Such forms of communication might help in increasing brand awareness but keeping track of the analytics seems impossible.

It is hard to figure out how much traffic the particular advertising campaign brought into your website or business which makes the campaign harder to evaluate as a whole.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing provides real-time updates about the lead you have generated through a specific ad campaign. This way it is easier to plan and invest only in such ads with the maximum benefit with little resources.

2. Online Product Information

With the advancement in E-Commerce, people tend to search for a product or service on the internet first rather than roaming the whole market to find it out.

So if your product is marketed well, chances of ranking high on search platforms are more. This way your business has a great chance of being heard and this can generate sales too.

This may include short videos on how to use your product or a step-wise algorithm of how it works.

3. Content Marketing 

Content is and always will be the king. Any form of marketing is a flop without good content. Search engines reward businesses that create valuable and consistent content.

Creation of content doesn’t mean bull shitting about the same old features of your product and services. It is all about creative ways of informing people about how your product can solve their problems and make their life more comfortable.

Here is an example of how Kamana Sewa bank used content marketing to sell its banking services to people.


Instead of explaining that you can bank online and that they simplified it with an image illustrating the difference between the account opening process in the past and present. This creates a much longer influence over the viewer and creates brand awareness conveying the message at the same time.

4. Mass Communication

In the case of traditional marketing, the information and the group of people receiving the information is too limited.

For instance, you make a brochure for your business on specific topics or to provide general information about your business. But through a website, you can convey in-depth information about your business to an infinite number of people.

This way you can convey meaningful information about your business without wasting a lot of resources.

5.Tiktoks and Short Videos

For Instance, Instagram Reels and Tiktok are the most powerful tool for small businesses in the current scenario. When people were complaining about the declination of Instagram’s organic reach and being saturated like Facebook, Instagram launched Reels.

Reels are 15 seconds of fun videos that the user can share with friends or anyone on Instagram. Reels has given fair chance to every user on Instagram to get a huge organic reach.

So this is where your creativity comes to play…

Grab your mobile phone and create 15 seconds of summary videos of the product or service you are offering. Keep posting consistently and you will get loyal customers in abundance which you can use to further multiply your business.

Besides this TikTok Video Challenges are a great way to bring in more brand awareness among people. Adding Prize money for the best ones encourages more people to participate and this way you can make a great social media presence which is a valuable asset for your business.

This is a perfect example of how a TikTok challenge can bring huge brand awareness.

Baron-a liquor brand started  #barondumchhachallenge in which the participants had to make a TikTok video with festive vibes and post with the hashtag. The Winner prize was Rs.30000 followed by Rs. 10000 and Rs. 5000. This encouraged thousands of people to make videos which lead the hashtag to reach 22.7 million views and still counting on Tiktok. This indirectly creates brand awareness in people’s minds making sales worth crores.

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This way you can use Digital Marketing to save your business. Implementation of all these can help your business gain better results with fewer resources being spent. So next time, if you are thinking of marketing your product digital marketing, is a recommendation.

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